Global Agora

meet the Founders

Global Agora | Nick Matzorkis

Nick Matzorkis

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Serial entrepreneur and Internet pioneer Nick Matzorkis is best known as founder of the “People Search” industry by creating the […]

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Global Agora | Josh Keller

Josh Keller

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Joshua serves as co-CEO of Global Agora, a venture capital firm that has launched eight of its own successful companies […]

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meet the Team

Global Agora | Andrea Carrano

Andrea Carrano

Operations Consultant

Andrea Carrano joined Global Agora as COO a year and a half ago. He now has more than 17 years […]

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Global Agora | Shawn Estes

Shawn Estes

SVP, Technology

Shawn Estes serves as the Senior Vice President of Technology at Global Agora. A seasoned software developer with over 17 […]

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Global Agora | Mary Vecchitto

Mary Vecchitto

Vice President of Finance

Mary Vecchitto joined Global Agora, LLC in 2015 and serves as the Vice President of Finance. Mary has more than […]

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Global Agora | Cynthia Gentry

Cynthia Gentry

Director of Culture

Cynthia Gentry serves as Global Agora’s Director of Culture, and works directly with the founders to create and implement company […]

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